GSM Activate Perimeter & Intruder Alarm

GSM Activate Perimeter & Intruder Alarm

GSM Activate Perimeter & Intruder Alarm

GSM Perimeter and Intruder Alarm is a standalone alarm unit which can be used outdoors or indoors, simply place a simcard inside the unit, position the transmitter and receiver units upto 300 metres apart indoors /100 metres outdoors and when someone passes through the invisble beam it will trigger the alarm and the GSM technology inside will alert you via phone call or text message.


GSM Activate Perimeter & Intruder Alarm

The GSM Activate Perimeter & Intruder Alarm is designed to trigger when the beam is broken. Depending on the settings it will either text or call you to inform you the beam has been broken.

It also features a built in relay which also activates when the alarm is triggered and remain active for approximately 10 seconds. This can be used to activate an external alarm or lighting to warn the intruder an alarm has been triggered. This works independently of the GSM system, so will continue to function even if no sim card or GSM connection is present.



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