GSM Alarm Beam 

GSM Alarm Beam

GSM Activate GSM Auto Dialler with Beam Sensor - GSM-AD-BEAM

This unit will text or call you when the beam sensor is triggered (1 x beam sensor kit included). Two inputs give you remote monitoring over the beam sensor, and one other (not included). One input will call, the other will text.
It also has a relay output to allow you to switch up to 10a remotely by text.


GSM Activate GSM Auto Dialler with Beam Sensor - GSM-AD-BEAM

The GSM Auto-Dialer Beam is a versatile unit which can be attached to many of your electronic devices in your homes, work, gardens or wherever you need it and it will alert you using GSM technology and send you a text message or call you straight to your mobile phone or landline so you know straight away if there is any status change wherever you are in the world!

Included with this kit is a beam sensor which triggers when the beam is broken, making it ideal for monitoring corridors, and pathways. the Auto Dialer also has a second input which can be used to monitor another sensor (not included).

By having both inputs and outputs you can set the unit up so that you can send a command back e.g. you get a text saying your beam sensor has triggered and then you can text back to switch on an appliance using your phone.

The GSM Auto-dialer is set apart from other models on the market by being quad band frequency meaning it an be used worldwide and we frequently ship models all over Europe, USA and Australia with excellent feedback, the unit is also enclosed in a IP65 rated box which means it is perfectly weathered for outside installation and has passed testing in high temperature and below freezing conditions.

Each unit comes with auto-dialer, 1 x beam sensor, antenna, user manual, IP65 rated box, free Giff-Gaff sim, 2-year guarantee

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