Keep vital evidence secure from tampering or theft by fitting your DVR into a KitVault lockable enclosure...


Secure & Lockable

Tough Window Panel

Choice of 3 Fan Vents

Wall & Desk Boltholes

Fan Kits Available for Extra Cooling

Extra Deep Design

Easy Engineer Access via Hinged Lid

Ideal for Shops & Offices

The CCTV Code of Practice that forms part of the Data Protection Act states that recorded CCTV images must be, "securely stored, where only a limited number of authorised persons may have access to them". 

The KitVault enclosure is designed to house CCTV processing and recording equipment such as DVRs to keep the equipment not just secure from unauthorised tampering by staff and visitors but also from theft of the equipment itself. 

In addition to the lockable door, the enclosure can be bolted to a shelf or desk and wall to prevent removal. Finished in an attractive silver and graphite finish and built from 1.7mm steel, the enclosure blends easily into commercial environments. 

Large cable entry glands to the rear and sides of the enclosure allow easy cabling in and out of the unit whilst an extra deep design gives the engineer plenty of room for cabling, connectors and extra devices such as baluns to be hidden away behind the main control equipment. 

Fan vents situated on both sides and the rear of the enclosure allow the quick fitting of one or more of the 12V DC fan kits available to allow cool air to be circulated around the electronic equipment stored inside it. 

The KitVault houses of our DVRs as well as most on the market with internal measurements of: W515 x H130 x D525mm